February 28, 2011

XPages:RedirectSignal - found the issue

A while back Rasmus reported an error constantly appearing in the logfiles on our servers. Read the entry here: http://devxpages.blogspot.com/2010/10/http-jvm-comibmxspaclredirectsignal.html

As written then, noone seemed to know why the RedirectSignal message appeared in the logs. Finally we have figured out whats the source of this weird and "unknown" message.

In some of our XPages files, xsp, we use a function context.redirectToPage() to forward the user to the desired page. A code example:

if (someCondition) {
return context.redirectToPage("myXpage1",false);
} else {
return context.redirectToPage("myXpage2",false);

Removing this code seems to solve the problem.. Finally!


  1. Hi,
    I'm not seeing this when I try the following...

    var x = viewScope.x01;
    if (x =="RED"){return context.redirectToPage("/p01.xsp",false);
    if (x =="BLUE"){return context.redirectToPage("/h01.xsp",false);
    else {
    return context.redirectToPage("/e01.xsp",false)}

    All seems to work for me, though I am using 853.

    Am I missing anything here?


  2. @Paul: Thanks for your feedback!

    We are currently using version 8.5.2, and we were told that this would be fixed in 8.5.3. Seems like you can confirm this improvement, thank you! Looking forward to getting 8.5.3 installed on our servers as well!

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