July 6, 2011

SessionID parameter at end of URL

Sometimes links on my xpages gets the SessionID parameter appended at the end:

I read on this page some comments regarding the SessionID parameter.

Q. Sometimes when XPage is submitted it adds SessionID to the URL and some JavaScript stops working. What's that SessionID?

This is due to the way HTTP is working. HTTP is stateless so the browser must pass an ID to the server in order to keep a session open on the server. There are two ways for passing this ID.

1- Passing the ID as part of the URL
2 - Passing the ID as part of the cookie from the browser

The second way is the preferred way. But for the first page the XPages engine doesn't know if the browser that is connecting to the page is supporting cookies or not, so it tries first by passing an ID and a cookie. And on the second request it looks for the cookie, and if the cookie is there it removes the ID from the URL. So if you look at all the application servers they are all working like that. Now there is a property in XPages that says 'assume that the client has cookie', and in these cases do not use a session ID at all. So that would break some browsers that do not support having cookies enabled.

What im looking for is the 'assume that the client has cookie' property. Where is it located, or are there any other ways to turn off this SessionID ?

XPages / Notes < font > tags

XPages and/or Notes keep on adding tags < font > EVERYWHERE I use Rich Text fields.. Is there any way I can tell Notes/Xpages NOT to add these?